Monday, November 16

Adding Holiday Sparkle
There are many jewelers on Nantucket
creating handcrafted wearable art.
Here are just a few who shine brightly...

The tools of the trade, a jeweler's bench.

Diana Kim England
DIANA KIM ENGLAND has been creating spectacular gemstone jewelry for four decades. She specializes in 18-karat gold and custom designs. Kim has shared her knowledge and skills with many aspiring jewelers, some of whom now have thriving businesses on Nantucket, yet her style is completely her own. The unique architectural structure of her jewelry is admirable and her beauty is unparalleled. Visit Diana Kim England Goldsmiths at 56 Main Street, call 508-228-3766 or 800-343-1468, or take a tour of her online gallery:

Hannah Blount
HANNAH BLOUNT is a native Nantucketer who began creating jewelry as a teenager. As the daughter of fisherman Bill Blount, and seamstress Ruth Blount, Hannah was raised to use her hands. Over time her simple designs evolved into sophisticated metalwork. She graduated from Umass Dartmouth in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in Jewelry/Metals. Hannah's designs are organic and elegant. Seed pods and acorn tops drip with rough-cut diamonds, semi-precious stones and pearls. She is clearly inspired by nature and finishes her pieces with an ethereal satin texture, giving each piece a soft glow. You can find Hannah Blount jewelry at Hepburn, 3 Salem Street 508-228-1458, or take a tour of her online gallery:

Jolanta Gutnik
JOLANTA GUTNIK is a native of Poland, who came to the Nantucket via Toronto. Jola is celebrating her second decade on the island, and is now a proud citizen. Jola incorporates rare and unusual stones into her pieces. Jola finds a unique natural form from nature to start her design process. She is known for creating large opulent gemstone and pearl cross pendants and recently she has also found inspiration from the sea with her collection of silver and gold sea creatures, mermaids and anchors. Visit Jola at her store at 29 Centre Street 508-325-6999, or check out her regular website at and her fun new "Mermaid & Motorcycles" online gallery:

Jessica Hicks
JESSICA HICKS is constantly evolving her style. Jessica has made a name for herself with celebrities and the rest of us who appreciate creativity. While fashion savvy shoppers around the country admire her talents from afar, our Jessica creates much of her jewelry right in her Nantucket store on South Water Street. Her jewelry has been featured in many magazines. These open teardrop lace earrings shown above are available in a variety of stone choices. You can find Jessica Hicks jewelry at her store "POSH" at 4 South Water Street 508-228-6003, or visit her website:

Heidi Weddendorf
HEIDI WEDDENDORF has been creating several traditional signature pieces of jewelry for many years, and she continually invents new items. Her Nantucket Knot bracelet designs continue to be best sellers, as does her pearl Turk's Head bracelet. Her latest invention is the pearl and leather lariat necklace, shown above. Heidi also has a wonderful selection of pearl and stone earrings and wire and twig motif jewelry. You can find Heidi Weddendorf jewelry at The Nantucket Artists' Association and Erica Wilson at 25 Main Street 508-228-9881, or contact Heidi directly at 508-228-2592, or visit her website:

Susan Lister Locke
SUSAN LISTER LOCKE is an inspiration. Susie is an accomplished painter and metalsmith. She is most noted for her rings, working primarily in 18-karat gold, and using the time-honored “lost-wax process”, in which sculpting and carving reveal the chosen image. She also creates a lot of custom work and relishes meeting new people with a passion for jewelry. Her Nantucket Sign Collection is one of her latest inventions and is already becoming very popular in charms, necklaces, men's cuff links etc. Susie obviously loves what she does, and has an extraordinary eye for design, with bold gem colors and careful craftsmanship. You can find Susie's work at The Nantucket Artists' Association and The Nantucket looms at 16 Federal Street 508-228-1908. Contact Susie directly at 508-221-0531 to make an appointment to meet her in her studio, or visit her website:

Christie Lefebvre
CHRISTIE LEFEBVRE has evolved into a fine jeweler and a marketing maven. Christie has created a following by participating in many craft shows over the years, and now she is opening her Sconset Flair Studio & Boutique for visitors and gatherings. Christie has a fantastic sense of style incorporating pearls and antique novelties, such as cameos and stop-watches. This lady loves pearls, and she continues to incorporate pearls of all colors and shapes into much of her work. Contact Christie directly at 508-257-6811 to make an appointment to meet her in her Sconset Flair Studio & Boutique, or visit her website: